Mr. McGregor’s Fence® Custom Electric Fence for Ponds, Vineyards and Corn Fields

This fence system was developed to keep raccoons out of Ponds, Vineyards and Cornfields but it can be used anywhere raccoons are a nuisance on the ground. 3 strands of electric fence wire - hung from black insulators on unobtrusive 27" green fiberglass posts - are electrified with a choice of energizer.  When a raccoon touches the wires with its nose or paw it will get a zap that will send it scurrying home.

This fence is designed to be installed on soil into which fiberglass fence posts can be inserted.  It does not work on hardscape. You can install it in moist* or dry** areas though set-up will be different according to soil conditions. To function properly it is all important to keep the electric fence wires free of vegetation. In moist areas we recommend laying down a weed barrier in the fence path before installing it to keep the weeds down. Once installed you can cover the weed barrier with a thick layer of mulch to improve its appearance. In dry areas or areas covered with gravel you don't need a weed barrier. If the fence is intended for short-term use you may not need a weed barrier.

Ponds, vineyards and corn fields come in many shapes and sizes so simply follow the steps below to determine exactly what supplies you need for your particular circumstances. Installation instructions

  1. Calculate the number of 27" fiberglass fence posts needed:  1 for every 4-6 ft and 1 at any bend or corner.
  2. Calculate the number of snap-on insulators needed:  3 x the number of posts
  3. Calculate the number of feet of electric fence wire needed: 3 x the perimeter of the area plus 10 ft.
  4. Moist areas** only: Calculate the number of feet of weed barrier needed: The perimeter of the area you want to protect. (This is optional. Weeds must be kept from growing up under the fence and you can use any method for this including landscape cloth, cardboard or newspaper covered with wood chips, bark mulch etc.)
  5. Moist areas** only:  Order 1 ground rod
  6. Dry areas* only: Calculate the number of feet of bare metal grounding fence: The perimeter of the area you want to protect
  7. Dry areas* only:  Calculate the number of garden staples needed to secure metal hex grounding fence:  2 for every 4 ft
  8. Order 3 gate handles
  9. Order 1 fence tester
  10. Choose your energizer

Installation Instructions

Pond & Vineyard - Moist Areas Instructions Pond & Vineyard - Moist Areas Instructions (149 KB)

Pond & Vineyard - Dry Areas Instructions Pond & Vineyard - Dry Areas Instructions (152 KB)

* Dry areas receive little or no rain so that the top 2 ft of soil are bone dry.  Some of the US southwest falls in this category.
**Moist areas have moderate to heavy rainfall so that the top 2 ft of soil always contain some moisture.

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